Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Am I back?

I came back here to find a writing sample for a job I am applying for and I was perusing my posts (intentional alliteration despite it's lack of popularity these days) and I feel bad for having abandoned this once oft-visited (by me at least) blog. It's funny now to read all that I had to say about the economy 4 years ago.

Now that all seems old hat.

I thought maybe I should find something fresh to say. Everyone is sick of hearing about how to save. So, I have decided to make this into a blog about luxury. I will do an iPhone app about how to spend all your money. Something like Gwynnie's app Goop--as hilariously summarized here on UPROXX. And big ups to The Cajun Boy for helping me to give a name to what I would like to become here at Nifty Thrifty. That's right, I now aspire to be a "possible white affluence performance artist" just like gp!

I mean, you gotta keep ahead in the world. With the "Occupy this and that" movement going on, what better way to rise above the crowd then to buck the trend and ignore all this talk of pay equality and health care. Keep that for yourself! I want luxury!


See you again soon.


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