Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who knew?

Did you know there was an Office of Thrift Supervision in our United States government? Did you know that they are behind the new rule to end unfair credit practices? That's great news, but what I want to know is...

Where the f*&^k have these guys been?

Maybe I should send them my resume.

Also, why the heck is it going to take a year to implement a regulation that should have happened 10 years ago?

In other news, have you heard about Wyeth getting busted for Ghostwriting their medical journal entries. As my lawyer roommate states, this seriously violates the "peer review system." Just further proof that we have very little unbiased information available, and that even when we think we are reading "news" or "journalism" we are often reading an advert.

For more about the pharmaceutical industries and how they perpetuate this, check out The Truth About the Drug Companies.

Also, check out Selling Sickness which details how the pharma industry doesn't really sell drugs to its audience; it sells disease.

Disturbing stuff.

A little bit of old news, but a still un-debunked myth in the majority of the world, if you ask me.

Off for now.



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